Media Descriptions

Pen & Ink

Pen & Ink requires the use of pens, with permanent, archival quality ink. There is no room for error! It is an extremely precise medium. It is a wonderful choice for coated breeds of dogs and cats, but also can be used to bring drama to a portrait of a horse or a short-haired dog. It is a black and white medium, thus making it an excellent choice if you'd like to use the artwork in advertising and do not always use color ads. It is a very good choice for promoting that top show animal or if you want to put the portrait in any room of the house.

Graphite is a pencil drawing. I use high quality pencils on archival paper for a long lasting artwork. Graphite requires the use of a spray called “fixative” to prevent smudging. Graphite is a very good medium for all types of animals and poses. It is an effective medium for producing high contrast and drama in the artwork, allowing me to focus on the details of the animal, such as muscling and the shape of the eyes and mouth. This medium always requires that I use very high quality photographs that show a lot of detail. A grey-scale medium, I can produce as much or as little contrast in the final piece as is suitable for the subject. If you have a very well-conformed horse, such as a stallion, and you would like to have his features displayed clearly without any distraction, this is a good choice.
Prismacolor is a high-intensity, archival colored pencil. These are not your grade school colored pencils!! I use a paper called Bristol board, which is a smooth-textured, heavy-weight paper of archival quality. This paper is often used by graphic artists. This allows the color and the layering of the pencils to come through without influence from the paper. This is a fairly detailed medium, although it can be done with a softer effect similar to that of a graphite work. This is a good choice for short-haired animals of a unique color, and is a very fun medium to use if you’d like a bit of texture in the drawing.  There is an extra charge for detailed backgrounds such as this artwork demonstrates. Like pen & ink, this medium is permanent, and therefore leaves the artist no room for error.
Watercolor is a translucent, water-based medium applied with brushes and, obviously, water. As usual, I use only the best papers and paints. I generally use a very heavy weight(meaning thick) paper produced on a cold press for greater texture in the paper. This gives the work a soft glow. Watercolor is a very popular choice for pet owners because it tends to be very flattering to the subject, and it can be very detailed or less detailed depending on the quality of the photographs provided and the client’s desire. Also, it’s a good choice for horses because the layering effect of the medium produces a depth to the subject that is very well suited to a horse. Cats also present well in watercolor. It is a very versatile choice. It is a challenging medium because of its versatility and therefore one of my favorites in which to work

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