Artist's Contract



Client Name: __________________________________________(hereinafter “Client”)

Contract Date: ________________________________________________________

Deadline for Completion: ________________________________________________

Size: ________________________________________________________________

Medium: _____________________________________________________________

Subject(s): ____________________________________________________________

Multiple Poses: Yes/No (circle one)

Multiple Subjects: Yes/No (circle one)

Number/type of pictures provided: ________________________________________

Client’s Contact Information:

Address: ______________________________________________


Phone: ________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________


1. The Client will tender 50% of the contract price and a minimum of five clear photographs. The photographs may be emailed, on disc, or standard photographs. No professional, trademarked photographs may be used without written consent of the photographer.

2. The artwork will be completed (not necessarily delivered) by the above date.

3. A photograph of the completed work will emailed or mailed to the client for approval prior to mailing or otherwise delivering the original work. The client must acknowledge receipt and approval of the photo proof prior to delivery of the original work.

4. If the proof is rejected, the Artist will have three weeks in which to create a new portrait. If the second portrait is rejected, the Artist will immediately return the Client’s photographs and half of the down payment, and this contract will be null and void.

5. The Artist reserves the right to reproduce the portrait for use in advertisements, displays, art shows, etc. with proper acknowledgements of the Client. However, the Artist agrees not to reproduce the portrait en masse for further profit without an additional written agreement, terms to be negotiated on a per case basis.

6. The Artist does not employ an agent, thus being the only party capable of coming to an agreement with the Client.


By Signing below, the Artist and Client do hereby mutually agree to the above-stated terms. This written contract

constitutes the entire agreement, and any further agreement(s) must be made in writing and attached to this contract.

______________________________ _____________________________ ________________

The Client                                            The Artist                                           Date


Stacy Williams (435)773-7709

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