Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012 Featured Artwork

This is a graphite drawing of my own mare, Charisma. Charisma, an International Sporthorse mare who was half Holsteiner, half Thoroughbred, was foaled in 1994, bred by Gail Hildreth-Whitsett. She is by the Holsteiner stallion Conquistador who was a very successful International Sporthorse Registry sire. He was ridden to Grand Prix by Kamila DuPont, and his sire is the Holsteiner stallion Constitution, imported by Janet Foy. Charisma was my first show horse. I originally purchased her with the Hunter ring as my goal. However, my hunter/jumper trainer decided to retire from training for a while, and that left me with a very green 4 year old horse. I decided I needed to learn to ride better, and thus began my pursuit of Dressage. Charisma was a beautiful, noble mare, suffering my inadequacies as a rider with grace. I learned so much with her. We not only had success in the Dressage ring, earning a number of awards along the way, not least of which was the USDF Bronze Medal, but we also achieved many very strenuous mountain trail rides. Charisma has been as high as 10,000 feet on her own power! Charisma's most important accomplishment, however, was not an athletic accomplishment. It was as a mother. I always knew she would make a great mother, and, also always had a gut feeling that she would be an excellent producer. Her one and only foal, Frisco Bay, by Fidertanz, has been a resounding success in the Dressage ring, at a very young age. He also has a lot of talent for jumping.

With all those accomplishments, still I think the thing Charisma will most be remembered for by those who had the chance to know her was how gentle, noble, stoic, and sweet she was. Her eyes were the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen on a horse. Between those eyes and that tail, she was a very glamorous mare. Everyone who knew her loved her, and people were always attracted to her. My husband loved her the most of all, and she loved him equally. She melted whenever she saw him. She left big hoofprints to fill in my heart when I lost her to colic September 2nd, 2010. Her son, Frisco, is up to the challenge, and I feel so fortunate to have him. All my work with him serves to honor her gift.
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Watercolor, from the collection of Liba Kopachevka

Graphite, from the collection of Brenda Whiteley

Graphite, from the collection of Barbara Repta

Conte Crayon, from the collection of Charlotte Nord-Nielson


Graphite, from the collection of Madison Bigler

Graphite, from the artist's collection

Watercolor, from the collection of Erica Chaffin

Watercolor, from the collection of Patty Thalheimer

Prismacolor-From the collection of Larry Byron